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The Dreg Spot

Events at The Dreg Spot

Events at The Dreg Spot
Dreg's Stuff
Dreg Playing the Art Game

Here is what is coming up in the next few months at The Dreg Spot, 2nd April and The Kathleen Howland Theater(located in the basement of the 2nd April complex).  I am almost always in the studio for these events.  So stop and see what's new.  Click on the links below for times and more info.

October 26  Transitions.  Open House at 2nd April Art Galerie. 5-9 pm

November 8th Ladies Night Out at 2nd April Art Galerie.  5-8:30 pm

November 23rd  Toy Show Opening. Group show of Retro Toy Art!  2nd April Art Galerie  5-8 pm 

December 6th Light Up Downtown!  Downtown Canton

January 4th,  First Friday in the Canton Arts District